Saturday, April 30, 2011

The typical Japanese figure that the government is reflected in the mirror

In conjunction with an explosion accident of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, minister and atomic energy preservation House and Tokyo Electric give only a lie and concealment from a mouth. The government and Tokyo Electric and scholars of order appear on television almost every day and tell a lie. Not only they tell a lie, but also it concealing information thoroughly to be vicious.

However, their character is not abnormal. In fact, they show typical action pattern as the Japanese.
In a sad thing, the Japanese citizen criticizes government and Tokyo Electric without noticing it. At the intelligence level of Japanese, Japanese do not notice that they watch own figure in a mirror.

The Japanese has national traits to tell a lie unconcernedly essentially. A Japanese dictionary does not have the word "faithfulness". A Japanese is surely very earnest, but is not faithful. It is a Japanese to spend the life of the liar seriously.

Such an action and thought will not work at all out of Japan. About the correspondence to a nuclear plant accident, in Japan, it is sat on distrust by the foreign countries.
You should consider this that a Japanese average, typical behavior pattern that a Japanese is unconsciously show when an inconvenient situation occurred is criticized from the world rather than a mistake of the Japanese Government.
The Japanese does not yet notice it.

It is a Japanese to lack with a thought and the ability of the judgment that much.

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