Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"a common good Japanese"

Hikarigaoka Park in Tokyo becomes a lawless area. A barbecue and an open-air fire are carried out in broad daylight on Sunday everywhere. The criminal is not a homeless person and a boy group. They are the families that the appearance is common.
Intense smoke sweeps over a park. Naturally "the ruin of a fire" is left, but is not inspected the manager. There is the person crazy about walking and jogging while breathing in smoke.
In spite of being every time, there is no person to warn. It is the Japanese that a tick, the world to point to praise the methodicalness and duteousness.

Characteristic of the Japanese outlaw
・ Extreme double personality
・ They tell a lie calmly.
・ They are easy to abnormally go berserk.
・ A family is unified mentally; of kind clone it.
・ Among couple and Among parent and child, have not an independent human relation which have independent personality. The process of a thought and the judgment do not exist among their relations. Therefore a restraint function does not act mutually.
・ They fall into a certain animal state, and the words do not go.
・ The master is how abnormal, and "the wife" follows it willingly.
・ "The wife" watches even the crime of the husband laughingly at the side and is abnormally obedient.

For a Japanese, you must not expect "consideration" and "a manner". "Then, as for me", thinking typical Japanese only gather if they do such an expectation. Blind following is essence of Japanese.
The effective precaution for the Japanese violence "is only power".
A Japanese pretending to be "a common good person" at the present when we are living at anonymity society has many cases of the simple outlaw.

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