Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A mugwort, Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso (Dailily), Jerusalem artichoke (or girasole)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

 I intended to go to a riverbed nearby to gather a bulb of a Jerusalem artichoke, a leaf of a mugwort, a bulb of a tawny day lily since it was autumn. The bulb of the Jerusalem artichoke and the bulb of the tawny day lily gathered it to eat, and the leaf of the mugwort wanted to gather it to use it as a tea-leaf.
 But I was busy because I went to the driving school in October. I had the day when I did not go to the driving school, but avoided going out to keep physical strength because I was tormented for sleep shortage day after day by the sleep interference in every night.
 I took the damage of the sleep interference by the late-night bath riot of the Hayashi Hiroyuki day after day. The new construction of Kiyoko Tajima's house still continued, too. There was the gate ball noise of the Yahata recreation open space, too. The angry voice of an insane dog sounded. The queer cry of the kid of Miyo Tamaki sounded intensely, too.
 Katsuhito Ogawa's Clinic was the day of the closing the office, but I was tormented daylong by chronic sleep shortage without taking the nap. I took car instruction while suffering from sleep shortage day after day.
 I spent even the day when I did not go to the driving school at home consciously to take the rest. I was able to live a more active life when I got even sleep directly.
 During October, I cannot go to a riverbed and was not able to gather wild grass after all. In November, I was not able to go to a riverbed for cold.

It withers in winter and blooms in winter.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

 Today, it was clouded dimly in the morning, and it has begun to rain in the afternoon. Rain becomes strong since it is night.
 I removed the branch of the chrysanthemum which a flower finished blooming in the west of the house, and died surgically in the morning. In addition, I gathered approximately 10 leaves of the onion which grew in the west of the house. I intend to use this for cooking as a substitute for leek.
 A flower did not bloom to a branch of the loquat which grew wild in the west of a garden this year either. I expected it whether a flower bloomed to a branch of loquat this year.
 A leaf of a fig in front of a gravel path dies entirely and fell, but top neighborhood of a tree is accompanied by three fruit.
 In front of the entrance, the flower of the winter camellia and the flower of the araliad bloom. The red fruit of the spearflower is same at the side of the wall made of blocks in front of the entrance. A lot of red fruits stick to the tree of the pyracantha in front of the gravel path.
 All the leaves of the plum which I planted beside the gate in this spring fall and wither in winter. All the leaves of a pomegranate of a garden fall, too and wither in winter.
 Most of fruit of dark blue round shape of Rhaphiolepis umbellata (or Rhaphiolepis) in the east of a garden are already eaten by a bird.
 I want to plant Satsuma potato and ginger in the west of the house next year. The reason is because it eats a stem and a leaf. I seem to be considerably nutritious.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A chrysanthemum, a perilla

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
A chrysanthemum, a perilla
 Wednesday of October 22, 2008. A chrysanthemum put on the black pot put in the western corner of the garden was about to die. I neglected water selling. Because there were many recently rainy days, I was careless. In this time, air is easy to dry very much, and the soil of the bowl dries in a few days.
 The part of a chrysanthemum growing in the west of the bathroom has already bloomed today. I noticed it blooming around 2 days ago. It is very early.
 A beefsteak plant and the Perilla frutescens already die and have seeds. I gather seeds and want to make dissemination, but it is not possible for a driving school commute.

The mouse damage(The damage of the sleep interference)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The mouse damage(The damage of the sleep interference)

 When I slept in a living room at half past 3 in the middle of the night of yesterday, a hard sound sounded on a head. I was surprised and woke up. It was right a hard sound, and it was the sound that swatted the board of the ceiling of the closet of the living room in my overhead.

Because I set a rat house (the cage of small wire netting for mouse capture) there, I thought whether the door of the cage fell. But two mice ran on the ceiling of the living room where I fell down to just after that.

 In the yesterday's day, I watched the rat house. However, the mouse did not enter, and the door of the cage was open. After all the roof rat has good head. I think that I cannot but set the adhesion sheet for ratters.

 When I was still up in a living room in the middle of the night of yesterday, a mouse ran on the ceiling of the living room.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A completion examination of the first grade skill instruction to acquire a temporary car license.

Friday, October 31, 2008

A completion examination of the first grade skill instruction to acquire a temporary car license.

 Last week, Tuesday of October 21. A completion examination of the first grade skill instruction to acquire a temporary car license. I am examinee's seat number 3. While I waited for a turn of official approval to visit me in a wait place, I watched the state that the official approval car which two examinees before me got into ran in a course. I put down an official approval course.

 The official approval car turned around in circumference and signaled the right in front of departure and arrival point and put a car and turned right in B1 and made a left turn in A2 and made a left turn and it turned around very much and did an end and started the left signal in front of a school building and made a left turn in C2 and made a left turn with a signal and started a signal and turned straight around in circumference and turned right and turned right in C1 and crossed a railroad crossing.

 The official approval car went straight to it across a railroad crossing without starting a signal at a former bad crossing of a railroad crossing with possibility. The official approval car surrounded circumference. The official approval car made a left turn and went half and made a left turn in B1 and turned right at a crossing and made a left turn in A1 and turned right to S-curve of No2 since it did one lap of circumference.

 The official approval car was over S-curve and turned right immediately and gave a signal and turned right and went half round an end and started the right signal and stopped in an uphill slope of a slope.

 The official approval car took off from the middle of an uphill slope and went half round circumference and turned right from B2, and turned right, and crank received it. When the official approval car was over crank, it started the right signal immediately and turned right at an end and came back to departure and arrival point.

 Just after comment of an instructor after my examination, I put it down to paper in a waiting room.

 The instructor taught it to me as follows. "Change the operation of a clutch and an accelerator. Because this test is not a race, you must not race an engine. Improvement of slope departure. How to step on accelerator pedal and brake pedals. When you step on a brake pedal and speed declining, you must not stop suddenly. I do not do such a teaching. Fix operation. "

 Because I forgot re-signal three or four times after a blinker returned, I was warned by an instructor.

 When I attended circumference and made a left turn, a car went back. I was pointed out by an instructor "The car went back".

 I had an instructor order an official approval course during driving.

 I was running a stretch of instructions speed of 30km to the second, and I was warned by an instructor when speed was too slow. I suddenly took off by slope departure then, and failed; my head was confused just after that.

Healing of a cold

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Healing of a cold

 When I got up in the morning on Friday of the day before yesterday, the sense that a throat ached disappeared, and the body was smooth, but a cough occasionally appeared. I occasionally got a cough the day before yesterday.
 Cold was completely cured yesterday.
 It is 11:44 now, but is alright today. It was good not to be a great cold. Because I may not yet remove a virus of a cold from a body, I maintain rest in these two consecutive holidays and want to face the skill instruction from the day after tomorrow by perfect physical condition. Because it is made to pay a cancellation fee when it is absent from skill instruction, it is important to fix the physical condition.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The society where people for fear of monitor want to watch people

 According to the news that AFP delivered on October 21, 2008, the French law enforcement authority announced the plan to found outdoor surveillance cameras more than 1,200 of them in the capital Paris city. When it was not the thing which invited monitor society such as the autocracy, the French law enforcement authority vindicated it for Paris citizen. The strategy name of this terrible plan is called "One Thousand Cameras for Paris".

 It is said that 400,000 cameras are installed in a parking lot, a public place, the shopping mall in British capital London everywhere.

 Will neither a Londoner nor the New Yorker be insensitive to a sense for "monitor?" And will Paris change into the capital of the monitor from the magnificent city, too?

 In the country where I live in, "suspicious individual hunting" escalates and the police drive it and become the town where is full of "security patrol".

 The funny mutual monitor society where all citizens participate in "security patrol" soon may appear. The watchdogs feel luxury and the sense of superiority that are obscurity by watching another person. Anyone is eager to watch another person before they is watched.

 Even in the small open space of the station square, a suspicious old man watches the suspicious individual. The police spread by "the suspicious individual information" that the reliability is light flourishingly and take in various trade group and organize a "security patrol" unit and urge "suspicious individual" discovery.

 Mutual monitor society letting all people watch all people may appear.

 A member of paper round becomes the "security patrol" unit.

 "The bowwow patrol" with a dog parades around a road in a group. They lengthen a long rope on a road and show off a wild beast and taste cheerfulness to let you be afraid of a passerby.

 May a gang and the homeless person be admitted into the "patrol" unit soon, too?

I interfere with sleep.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

 Now, 10:10. At past 7:00, I was caused by the noise of a door and the engine of the car of the visitor who came to the neighboring doctor's office. after half past 7, I continued a light sleep and I occasionally got by the noise. The business noise of the office was the only cause since I lay at 5:40 a.m., and, as for my having taken sleep interference until 8:00, there was not the noise besides it.

 The big voice of the old man began to sound 8:00 ago, and I was tormented by the mean voice and a sleep became shallow slowly and got. I opened eyes desperately while suffering from the process and watched the time. I watched a clock for the first time since it was woken up by the sound of the door of the visitor of the office at 7:22. This is 5 minutes to 8.

 It was hell on earth after this. While I was tormented by the big voice of the man, a body still strongly demanded sleep from me. I woke a little up by stimulation of the noise. But around 30% of the brain were still unexploited, and I was made to taste a hell.

 Gate ball began in recreation open spaces, and an intense sound called the chink has begun to sound through there. I was tormented thoroughly by this sound and was stabbed in a coup de grace.

 I raised a body desperately while suffering and, at 8:13, put it up and I was absentminded and sat down. At 8:22, the car of the employee of the doctor's office charged before the window of my house. It was right 50 minutes of the sleep interference of the hell.

A mantis and fruit of "Rhaphiolepis umbellata var. integerrima"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On a wall made of blocks in front of the home entrance, there was a big mantis. Because it came to be cold a little in morning and evening, I thought that the mantis already died.

The fruit of black round shape sticks to "Rhaphiolepis umbellata var. integerrima" of the garden. Unfortunately we human being cannot eat this fruit and cannot use it as wine and Chinese medicine. A bird will eat.

I made the tea of the fig leaf .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

 I made tea with a fig leaf in the morning. I washed a dried fig leaf with the sun and I put it in a kettle and boiled it to bring out the flavor and made tea. Dark brown tea was completed. I poured completed tea into the PET bottle with Jogo.
 You can remove the small fragment of the leaf when you filter it with a coffee filter. However, I did not make it troublesome.
 Because a fig tree is a deciduous tree, I cannot gather a leaf in winter. I want to gather it again next year.
 In the tea of the fig leaf, it is said to be effective in the hypertensive prevention.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008. The damage of the sleep interference

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The damage of the sleep interference

 Now, 1:43 p.m. I raised a body about 3 minutes ago and put it up.

At half past 11 a.m., I was seized with drowsiness and lay. I was sleep shortage. When I lay, I have begun to sleep rapidly.

When I lay, Group of suspicious men coming from other town has already made noise in Yahata recreation open space in our home southwest side. When I began to sleep, the loud voice of the men sounded near and I was surprised and woke up. I put up eyelids desperately, and I watched wall hangings clock while receiving a hell. 5 minutes to 12. I have begun to sleep soundly again after a queer cry of these men disappeared.

 When I slept soundly, an intense loud voice pierced the depths of my brain like an arrow and I was surprised and came. This queer cry was a roar of the lunch demand of the water dog. I put up heavy eyelids while suffering and watched wall hangings clock. This is 12:55.

 I have begun to sleep soundly again after the queer cry of the water dog was settled. A fighter fired the direct tops of my house intensely at a super low altitude and has begun to fly to there this time. The roaring sound of the fighter began with a stand today on Sunday at 7:00 a.m. I was tormented by this terrible roaring sound and took pains of the sleep interference. I put up eyelids while suffering and watched wall hangings clock. This is 13:05.

 When this roaring sound stopped after running fire of approximately 10 minutes was in a state, I have begun to sleep soundly again. But the intense roaring sound of the fighter reopened and has begun to fly in the direct top of the roof of my house at a super low altitude.

 At the same time, the noise of building works of the Kiyoko Tajima's house began, and a metallic sound to cut something off by an electric saw has begun to sound from the north side of my house. The contractor of the Tajima's house came from morning today of Sunday and constructed it.

 Furthermore, with this, the intense queer cry of the man has begun to sound again from Yahata recreation open space. I was tormented for sleep interference of the hell by this triple noise. I watched wall hangings clock while suffering. This is 13:25.

I cannot move a body and closed my eyes in an immovable state. I raised a body after an interval of two hours, and, at about 13:40, I put it up, but there was not at all the sense that I took the sleep and was satisfied with, and only the sense that was fully tormented for two hours by the noise of the violence stayed.

The loitering of the mouse

Sunday, October 19, 2008
 When I was in the western living room of the second floor Friday of the day before yesterday, half past 6 p.m. ago, a mouse ran around in the ceiling busily noisily. I was astonished. This is the first time that I hear footsteps in the ceiling of the room of the second floor after this mouse settled down in my house.
 When I came home last night at past 9:00 and was in the living room, a mouse ran around in the ceiling of the living room. The mouse ran around in the ceiling busily as if I did not keep the rat houses which I set in mind either.
 A mouse ran around in the ceiling of the living room where I was to a stand at 5:00 in the early morning of today.
 The mouse which still settles down in the ceiling of my house has good spirit, and I am depressed very much.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The pruning of the persimmon and the laurel

Sunday, October 5, 2008
 In the afternoon of the day before yesterday, I pruned two branches of a low position of the persimmon beside the window of the bathroom. As for the pruning of the persimmon, this is the first time. On yesterday's Saturday, I gather a leaf from the pruning branch and dry it now in a room of the second floor. I intend to drink with the leaf of the persimmon as tea.
 In addition, on Friday of the day before yesterday, I pruned two branches of the place where the laurel was low in. I dry this leaf in a room of the second floor.

I gather the collection of the fig leaf, the flower of the fragrant olive on Friday, October 17, 2008.

Friday, October 17, 2008
 I cut the fig leaf with the trim scissors and gathered it this morning. The fig gains three fruit in the high place, but, in the low place, a leaf begins to die. I wanted to gather it before a fig leaf shed the leaves. I gathered a fig leaf of ten pieces of numbers in a mass. This thinks me it to be gathered the last fig leaf this year.
 In the daytime of yesterday and today's morning, I gathered the flower of the fragrant olive. Only some quantity that I was able to gather. It was approximately 1 week late that I gathered. I went to the driving school every day from last Monday to yesterday. The flower of the fragrant olive turned red and yellow in orange in the time, but I failed to gather it.
 Because there was not a stepladder in my house, the collection of the flower of the fragrant olive was difficult. I stretched myself and dropped the flower which stuck to a branch and dropped it on paper. There is a little quantity of the flower which my hand can gather in an arriving range, and it is impossible if there is not a stepladder.
 I intended to make wine when I can gather a lot of flowers of the fragrant olive, but decide I can enter the tea, and to drink it because I was able to gather only the few.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wax tree fruits, Soaking of Docdami

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
 The flower blooms in the wax tree in front of the gravel road in my house for the first time in early summer, and the fruit is borne this year.
 The wax tree fruits are dried and it is said that the nutritional fortification is effective when eating. Moreover, the wax tree fruits can be used also for the fruit wine. I want to be going to prune the wax tree one of these days, and to make tea from the leaf.
 I gathered Docdami in the garden planting, made to soaking, and ate on the morning of Thursday of last week.
 Moreover, I prune two branches of the laurel, and am drying it in the room of the second floor on the same day. Because the day of rain continues recently, I cannot put this out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The potted plant of the fig

Sunday, September 14, 2008 broadcast
The potted plant of the fig
The NHK educational television (three channels) "gardening of the hobby" (from half past 8 a.m. to 8:55).

Thinning out:
Reduce a fruit to around a one-third.

How to make:
The property that a bud has equally even if I prepare it aside. It is prepared planarly when I use this even if there is not depth.
The growth of the root is excellent. I set it into a slightly bigger bowl.
It cuts a leaf so that a day is the fruit.
I fully give water in the summertime.
Manure: Among nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium, manure including a lot of potassium is good. I sprinkle organic lime on the surface soil. The fruit of the fig includes a lot of calcium. It is necessary to supplement calcium by just that much. The weed is hard to come to grow by sprinkling it on the surface soil and becomes the dry prevention.

 Proper time of the pruning:
Because the sprout of the fig begins to appear from after the middle of April, by the middle of February, I prune it from the cause of a lengthening branch at around two or three sections.
Because gnarl goes bad when it cuts it at a limit, assuming it dies, and being crowded, I have it longer a little on a knob and cut it. Leaving the bud of 2 or 3 of the branch, it cuts it. Repeat this pruning every year.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A fig and Stauntonia hexaphylla

Thursday, September 11, 2008
 The morning of Monday of September 8, 2008 of this week. When I gathered a perilla in a garden, a lot of black small measuring worms stuck to the new leaf of the vine of a certain Stauntonia hexaphylla including a fence. This insect was around 1 centimeter. I watched this insect for the first time.
 Tuesday of September 9, 2008 of the day before yesterday. When I watched the vine of Stauntonia hexaphylla in the morning, black insects increased. The insect became the size of double suddenly, besides, in only one day. I scattered a medicine for gardening. Because the black measuring worm was heavy, and bows gained it, I picked up a dead twig and connecting was and dropped an insect below.
 I fought back to the surprise attack of the stripe mosquito to remain at the same time with insecticide spray, and spray was neutralized by a burr, a strong wind, and it was forced to painful work.
It is cool in the morning today. I wear the shirt of long sleeves, but it is a bit cold and feels it. The purple rose of sharon lets some flowers still bloom. The white rose of sharon of the western corner of the garden still lets some flower bloom every day.
 As for the cutting of the fig of the garden, only one of them succeeded after all. A leaf grows big it every day. I am surprised at the speed of the growth and am troubled a little. Because the growth of the cutting of the fig is early, it is necessary to transplant it in the next year.
I make the leaf which pruned a fig tea. Therefore I am glad that a fig grows steadily. But my homesite does not have the space that I can transplant because it is extremely small. I want to look for another land which can transplant it in next spring.
 I have it on tea, and the fig can eat a leaf again. Therefore I increase the cuttings of the fig and want to grow it.
 Rather, about the fruit of the fig, I decided not to expect me very much. It is good to bear fruit, but I am accompanied by an ant and a gray insect of the beetle department a lot, and it is eaten by an insect before becoming ripe. In fact, it is aimed to a bird. Still I do not want to do the medicine scatter.
 On the other hand, the leaf of the fig is strong, and growing power of a tree is strong. There are few parts eaten by an insect. Because I like the tea of the fig leaf, I am satisfied enough if I can gather a leaf. In addition, I can eat the leaf of the fig. Therefore I want to increase figs.