Thursday, October 30, 2008

The society where people for fear of monitor want to watch people

 According to the news that AFP delivered on October 21, 2008, the French law enforcement authority announced the plan to found outdoor surveillance cameras more than 1,200 of them in the capital Paris city. When it was not the thing which invited monitor society such as the autocracy, the French law enforcement authority vindicated it for Paris citizen. The strategy name of this terrible plan is called "One Thousand Cameras for Paris".

 It is said that 400,000 cameras are installed in a parking lot, a public place, the shopping mall in British capital London everywhere.

 Will neither a Londoner nor the New Yorker be insensitive to a sense for "monitor?" And will Paris change into the capital of the monitor from the magnificent city, too?

 In the country where I live in, "suspicious individual hunting" escalates and the police drive it and become the town where is full of "security patrol".

 The funny mutual monitor society where all citizens participate in "security patrol" soon may appear. The watchdogs feel luxury and the sense of superiority that are obscurity by watching another person. Anyone is eager to watch another person before they is watched.

 Even in the small open space of the station square, a suspicious old man watches the suspicious individual. The police spread by "the suspicious individual information" that the reliability is light flourishingly and take in various trade group and organize a "security patrol" unit and urge "suspicious individual" discovery.

 Mutual monitor society letting all people watch all people may appear.

 A member of paper round becomes the "security patrol" unit.

 "The bowwow patrol" with a dog parades around a road in a group. They lengthen a long rope on a road and show off a wild beast and taste cheerfulness to let you be afraid of a passerby.

 May a gang and the homeless person be admitted into the "patrol" unit soon, too?

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