Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A mugwort, Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso (Dailily), Jerusalem artichoke (or girasole)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

 I intended to go to a riverbed nearby to gather a bulb of a Jerusalem artichoke, a leaf of a mugwort, a bulb of a tawny day lily since it was autumn. The bulb of the Jerusalem artichoke and the bulb of the tawny day lily gathered it to eat, and the leaf of the mugwort wanted to gather it to use it as a tea-leaf.
 But I was busy because I went to the driving school in October. I had the day when I did not go to the driving school, but avoided going out to keep physical strength because I was tormented for sleep shortage day after day by the sleep interference in every night.
 I took the damage of the sleep interference by the late-night bath riot of the Hayashi Hiroyuki day after day. The new construction of Kiyoko Tajima's house still continued, too. There was the gate ball noise of the Yahata recreation open space, too. The angry voice of an insane dog sounded. The queer cry of the kid of Miyo Tamaki sounded intensely, too.
 Katsuhito Ogawa's Clinic was the day of the closing the office, but I was tormented daylong by chronic sleep shortage without taking the nap. I took car instruction while suffering from sleep shortage day after day.
 I spent even the day when I did not go to the driving school at home consciously to take the rest. I was able to live a more active life when I got even sleep directly.
 During October, I cannot go to a riverbed and was not able to gather wild grass after all. In November, I was not able to go to a riverbed for cold.

It withers in winter and blooms in winter.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

 Today, it was clouded dimly in the morning, and it has begun to rain in the afternoon. Rain becomes strong since it is night.
 I removed the branch of the chrysanthemum which a flower finished blooming in the west of the house, and died surgically in the morning. In addition, I gathered approximately 10 leaves of the onion which grew in the west of the house. I intend to use this for cooking as a substitute for leek.
 A flower did not bloom to a branch of the loquat which grew wild in the west of a garden this year either. I expected it whether a flower bloomed to a branch of loquat this year.
 A leaf of a fig in front of a gravel path dies entirely and fell, but top neighborhood of a tree is accompanied by three fruit.
 In front of the entrance, the flower of the winter camellia and the flower of the araliad bloom. The red fruit of the spearflower is same at the side of the wall made of blocks in front of the entrance. A lot of red fruits stick to the tree of the pyracantha in front of the gravel path.
 All the leaves of the plum which I planted beside the gate in this spring fall and wither in winter. All the leaves of a pomegranate of a garden fall, too and wither in winter.
 Most of fruit of dark blue round shape of Rhaphiolepis umbellata (or Rhaphiolepis) in the east of a garden are already eaten by a bird.
 I want to plant Satsuma potato and ginger in the west of the house next year. The reason is because it eats a stem and a leaf. I seem to be considerably nutritious.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A chrysanthemum, a perilla

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
A chrysanthemum, a perilla
 Wednesday of October 22, 2008. A chrysanthemum put on the black pot put in the western corner of the garden was about to die. I neglected water selling. Because there were many recently rainy days, I was careless. In this time, air is easy to dry very much, and the soil of the bowl dries in a few days.
 The part of a chrysanthemum growing in the west of the bathroom has already bloomed today. I noticed it blooming around 2 days ago. It is very early.
 A beefsteak plant and the Perilla frutescens already die and have seeds. I gather seeds and want to make dissemination, but it is not possible for a driving school commute.

The mouse damage(The damage of the sleep interference)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The mouse damage(The damage of the sleep interference)

 When I slept in a living room at half past 3 in the middle of the night of yesterday, a hard sound sounded on a head. I was surprised and woke up. It was right a hard sound, and it was the sound that swatted the board of the ceiling of the closet of the living room in my overhead.

Because I set a rat house (the cage of small wire netting for mouse capture) there, I thought whether the door of the cage fell. But two mice ran on the ceiling of the living room where I fell down to just after that.

 In the yesterday's day, I watched the rat house. However, the mouse did not enter, and the door of the cage was open. After all the roof rat has good head. I think that I cannot but set the adhesion sheet for ratters.

 When I was still up in a living room in the middle of the night of yesterday, a mouse ran on the ceiling of the living room.