Thursday, September 18, 2008

The potted plant of the fig

Sunday, September 14, 2008 broadcast
The potted plant of the fig
The NHK educational television (three channels) "gardening of the hobby" (from half past 8 a.m. to 8:55).

Thinning out:
Reduce a fruit to around a one-third.

How to make:
The property that a bud has equally even if I prepare it aside. It is prepared planarly when I use this even if there is not depth.
The growth of the root is excellent. I set it into a slightly bigger bowl.
It cuts a leaf so that a day is the fruit.
I fully give water in the summertime.
Manure: Among nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium, manure including a lot of potassium is good. I sprinkle organic lime on the surface soil. The fruit of the fig includes a lot of calcium. It is necessary to supplement calcium by just that much. The weed is hard to come to grow by sprinkling it on the surface soil and becomes the dry prevention.

 Proper time of the pruning:
Because the sprout of the fig begins to appear from after the middle of April, by the middle of February, I prune it from the cause of a lengthening branch at around two or three sections.
Because gnarl goes bad when it cuts it at a limit, assuming it dies, and being crowded, I have it longer a little on a knob and cut it. Leaving the bud of 2 or 3 of the branch, it cuts it. Repeat this pruning every year.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A fig and Stauntonia hexaphylla

Thursday, September 11, 2008
 The morning of Monday of September 8, 2008 of this week. When I gathered a perilla in a garden, a lot of black small measuring worms stuck to the new leaf of the vine of a certain Stauntonia hexaphylla including a fence. This insect was around 1 centimeter. I watched this insect for the first time.
 Tuesday of September 9, 2008 of the day before yesterday. When I watched the vine of Stauntonia hexaphylla in the morning, black insects increased. The insect became the size of double suddenly, besides, in only one day. I scattered a medicine for gardening. Because the black measuring worm was heavy, and bows gained it, I picked up a dead twig and connecting was and dropped an insect below.
 I fought back to the surprise attack of the stripe mosquito to remain at the same time with insecticide spray, and spray was neutralized by a burr, a strong wind, and it was forced to painful work.
It is cool in the morning today. I wear the shirt of long sleeves, but it is a bit cold and feels it. The purple rose of sharon lets some flowers still bloom. The white rose of sharon of the western corner of the garden still lets some flower bloom every day.
 As for the cutting of the fig of the garden, only one of them succeeded after all. A leaf grows big it every day. I am surprised at the speed of the growth and am troubled a little. Because the growth of the cutting of the fig is early, it is necessary to transplant it in the next year.
I make the leaf which pruned a fig tea. Therefore I am glad that a fig grows steadily. But my homesite does not have the space that I can transplant because it is extremely small. I want to look for another land which can transplant it in next spring.
 I have it on tea, and the fig can eat a leaf again. Therefore I increase the cuttings of the fig and want to grow it.
 Rather, about the fruit of the fig, I decided not to expect me very much. It is good to bear fruit, but I am accompanied by an ant and a gray insect of the beetle department a lot, and it is eaten by an insect before becoming ripe. In fact, it is aimed to a bird. Still I do not want to do the medicine scatter.
 On the other hand, the leaf of the fig is strong, and growing power of a tree is strong. There are few parts eaten by an insect. Because I like the tea of the fig leaf, I am satisfied enough if I can gather a leaf. In addition, I can eat the leaf of the fig. Therefore I want to increase figs.