Sunday, October 30, 2011

The obsessive-compulsive indiscriminate broadcast bomb by the totalitarianism and a neurosis of the Japan monkey

The obsessive-compulsive indiscriminate broadcast bomb by the totalitarianism and a neurosis of the Japanese sheeps

Monday, September 5, 2011

Morning of yesterday 7:00. The broadcast of the city. "The disaster prevention drill planned today was called off." were three times broadcasted. Yesterday, the city broadcasted three times the same contents, but discharge it from the early morning today. This country (nips village) is a super totalitarianism state same as before. Their thought stop is still in a state, and the sheep is paralyzed on judgement, and the development of an intelligence level is abnormal, and intelligence is at the same level as an infant.
On the morning of today, it is half past 9. This time "traffic deaths increase in the city." is broadcasted. I think whether "they want to broadcast anything in loud voice in the downtown and are not satisfied when they do not tell it forcibly indiscriminately.
The Japanese sheep is obsessive-compulsive neurosis. However, I think that this broadcast content is not bad. In the half-finished suburbs, the Japanese sheep becomes a murderous fiend in the situation guaranteed anonymity all together. How terrible is it if we give the Japan monkey which became a murderous fiend a car? As for me, it is realized it.
Now, 10:11.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Petit monkey have begun to do it again.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuesday of October 11, 2011 of the day before yesterday. I went to the summary court and performed reading and the tracing of the records of a lawsuit of Asano case and the Saito case. I was collected double of the amount from the court with a tracing rate, but swallowed it. However, I submitted the return petition of a fee taken by fraud to the fraud damage about the fee that I was made to pay in the case of suit submission because I did not want to swallow it.
Today's morning, a telephone that rejection decision of the reappeal was given to my house came from the secretary by the district court about Wakiya evocation trial.
Last Monday, I just submitted a petition of the reappeal. I was surprised. That rotten petit monkey have begun to do it again.
Now, 23:53.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The harassment of the Japan monkey, Japan monkey theory -No.2

Monday, June 20, 2011
The harassment of the Japanese sheep, Japanese sheep theory -No.2

 A way back. The small sidewalk. I rowed it slowly. The road side did not have a curbstone, and I stopped at the right. From facing, as for awful speed, around 25 kilos, the male aged around 40 years of the motocross bicycle appeared rushed. I thought that When he is cross-purposes state with me, he dropped speed or passed in the road side. However, by all odds the male rushed for a position at the very limit of it that hit me for an intention to surprise on purpose to hurl itself at me. And the male passed me at great speed.
This is that Japanese sheep want to do to anyone in the anonymity situation frequently. Not only a reckless driving bicycle, he give a man discomfort on purpose intentionally and confound it and can anger a man and want to be able to surprise it. In the open place, on a large road, he approach from the rear and may be overtaken side of the shoulder at great speed. I have done it by a car. The violence that Japanese sheep likes.

The harassment of the Japan monkey, Japan monkey theory

Monday, June 20, 2011
The harassment of the Japanese sheep, Japanese sheep theory

At past 12:00, I leave the house and go straight on by bicycle in a prefectural road. When I rowed an uphill slope of the Yahata Bridge desperately. I rowed a corner on the right side of the sidewalk. Area of the sidewalk is enough. From facing, the old woman of the Japanese sheep of late 60s went down on foot.
I stopped at the fence side so that was not disturbed. But the Japanese sheep came in the front of me from the left of the sidewalk on purpose and blocked me and added a body to a fence and blocked up the course. I sensed it with "As always, do you do it?". This is Japanese sheep special harassment. The Japanese sheep is particular about the corner pathologically and wants to push another person in the other side. In physically, and, in security, this takes an action having no meaning. I brake it in the middle of an uphill slope and am dumfounded. The monster passed each other from reconciliation, my side.
After entering the city after this; the place where area of the sidewalk is enough for. I rowed the left sidewalk of the prefectural road. two women of around 50 generations walked the half-finished width and placed herself. I lightly rang from the rear to remind them of my existence to approach just to make sure from the rear. Even if I ring lightly favorably, the Japanese sheep scowls and interferes with traffic on purpose. There are a great many such Japanese monkeys in the suburbs. Therefore it is the abnormal situation not to be able to ring because Japanese monkeys is dangerous because I am in danger in passing it to ring.
When I rang to two women from the rear, the woman who was on the right side originally moved at the very limit of a slanted line of the road side in the reverse side with the direction that should move. It promoted attention at the same time the woman who was on another left side turned around just before that and watched me, and to stop at the left side to stop at the left to the woman who was to one's right. Then she stopped at the right side on purpose, and the woman placed herself at a white line limit. Japanese monkeys do this frequently. The Japanese cockroach turns malice, hostility in the anonymity situation in this way to anyone. When it is only rung at the bicycle; the Japanese Sheep want to do "I am great, and I do it, and I wins" only at the informal situation.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The bath and the hotel and the hospital and the school all decline "Fukushima"!

Sunday, October 9, 2011
The bath and the hotel and the hospital and the school all decline "Fukushima"!

One of the biggest characteristics is a manner to discriminate against a Japanese thoroughly in the crooked character that developed to a Japanese after the war. They discriminate a Japanese from both not only the European and American white but also Chinese and the Korean and inflict a disadvantage in every aspect. Why did special national traits develop to there? This is a big problem and cannot write it by this article.
In the recent example, it is the example which "discrimination against Fukushima" has good. In the terrible situation where a nuclear power plant exploded, this small small countries, to be particular about the administrative unit called "Fukushima" and arranging the discrimination is not what rationality. It is modern Japan monkey that there are not even judgement of that level, the intellectual power.
About a difference, they stick a negative label. It is Japan monkey to be going to get relief by removing a difference. The Japan monkey investigates the relief forever. Result, the Japan monkey remove others until it becomes the unit of not more than two or three people, and it is not possible for even greetings other than it.

"I hate the same bath of Fukushima refugee "; a refugee acceptance hotel is the cancellation.
April 22, 2011 07:00 (The point of the article)

According to Fukushima, the number of consultation sent to "the consultation teller about the radiation" of the antidisaster headquarter of the prefecture is 9,195 cases by the morning of April 18. The consultation about damage by rumors called "radioactivity discrimination" to 225.

There is the consultation such as "scribbled on a car" "restaurant, a shop and hotel declined entering" by the reason of refused citizens of Fukushima. There was the consultation that there was a poster of "the no citizens of Fukushima" in the service station of other prefectures.
In addition, there was the complaint that the citizens of "Fukushima were said to be come" when it stopped in the parking area in other prefectures on the car of the Fukushima number from a woman in 40s. It is said that there was a public visitor canceling lodging for a reason "not to want to enter the bath same as a refugee" in the hotel in Fukushima accepting a refugee.
Furthermore, plural cases which when a refugee from Fukushima is going to have an examination in the hospital in other prefectures they were said to be "the people of Fukushima prohibit" by a doctor.
By only a refugee from Fukushima, the medical institution expel them.

Woman seven May 5, 2011 issue

The pull the grass riot by Yahata neighborhood association - No.3

The pull the grass riot by Yahata neighborhood association - No.3

May 31, 2011 On Tuesday
I was relieved by coming the typhoon timely on Sunday of the day before yesterday. I thought it was impossible for Japanese Sheep to act violently. But I was surprised because I began to hear a voice of several males in recreation open spaces at 8:00 and had begun to hear the sound of the appliance. When it rains intensely in recreation open spaces and the park becoming the pond, "pull grass" (I write it many times, but there is not grass needing to pull it and is already barren land.) surprised me. In brief, the Japanese Sheep is festive mood. Because the Japanese Sheep can do alone the violence case that is not permitted legally in a group; they do not stand for joy. Before
Why before typhoon comes (said by a forecast for one week.) they want to weed it by all means? Or today when fine, the temperature is comfortable and there is not the wind, why they do not weed them house?
why they go to the suburbs of several minutes on foot and do not weed grove of miscellaneous trees and a riverbed and the idle farm? The city government lets that work entrust a supplier. Therefore it is saved the tax and will be thanked. But they do not do it. A large quantity of Japanese Sheep gather in the park where nothing grows and, in an open place. The Japanese Sheep want to go on the rampage.
This is the action of the typical Japanese Sheep of "the Japanese who is obedient quietly and is obedient in good order and is polite, and is good" giving a fantasy by an earthquake disaster all over the world. The right side and the wrong side are very intense.

The pull the grass riot by Yahata neighborhood association - No.2

The pull the grass riot by Yahata neighborhood association - No.2

The Japanese Sheep becomes a mob if it become more than three. The Japanese Sheep begins to do suddenly the thing that it can never do it alone, the thing that it is not going to do alone. It is not so-called means that is becoming purpose. It is an intention to want to express its "power" outside, it wants to be in the group which wants to not being possible alone, and want to show off its power violently without need meaninglessly in that way once a year.
Therefore they do not pull the grass, and nobody does the same action at all throughout the year other than the day of the riot. If one is an owner of the intelligence that is higher than not more than junior high student, one should think of, "I am not strange". But Japanese Sheep have not the intelligence to judge it from the act. The intelligence level of the Japanese Sheep stops at not more than 5 or 6 years old. The Japanese Sheep thinks about the very front by oneself, and it is not possible to judge it at all. It is possible only to go along with the neighborhood.
In the recreation open space, there is no the grass "to pull". The whole is made same as a sandbox. All the cosmoses planted favorably were pulled up. There is not even one dandelion. There is no such park in a park, the open spaces that there is in the city more than 60. Even if, in May, weed it once a year; nonsense. it is not necessary to destroy a road surface into pieces by digging it up with a hoe and a sickle.
The Japanese Sheep cannot possible to digs up alone in front of a house of another person having agricultural machinery. When the Japanese Sheep becomes the group, They lose restraint feeling and begin to do it. There is not at all the ability that think and judge by oneself that the thing watch in front and be going to do to what.
When the Japanese Sheep is given excuse "pull grass" and a command suffers "do it", they forget them and do it with a mob. Japanese Sheep is such a creature.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The pull the grass riot by Yahata neighborhood association - No. 1

May 31, 2011 The pull the grass riot by Yahata neighborhood association - No. 1

The morning of Sunday of May 29, 2011 of the day before yesterday. At about 8:00, I have begun to hear the male voice of the Japanese Sheep in the Recreation Park. I was surprised then. As for me, it is realized way of rotting of the nature of the Japanese Sheep for these six or seven years. Therefore I am not surprised very much now by the action of the Japanese Sheep.
But I was surprised in the extraordinariness of the Japanese Sheep of this time. Typhoon 2 passed on that day. The weather that is very rough by a heavy rain from Okinawa to Tohoku. The Kanto district is the same, too. It continued to rain and, the Recreation Park became the pond. When it rains, because a pillar for the gate ball that Sugai Matsuomade up without permission is fixed to the center of the Recreation Park, it becomes the pond in the open spaces. A weather forecast told to be cautious of strong rain all day.
If it was this situation, it was expected the festival of the meaningless destruction action that they used the name to pull grass and every year on a day on the last day of May annual was canceled.
About the actual situation of the riot, I do not write it now here. There is not it such at the opportunity when extraordinariness of the character of the Japanese Sheep and a disease peculiar to Japanese Sheep develop clearly. I received Tajima Kiyoko and Tamaki Miyo two years ago, and the figure damage was so, too. I did "persuasion" while soothing them properly because I had already worn how to contact to the group this kind of geeks, and I called for a halt to such a malice-like violence.
But it was nearly dug up in front of my home with agricultural machinery by Tamaki Miyo just before it was destroyed last year.
I stopped the violence case just before that. I have been already considered to be a horrible state in front of Nakamura's house and Ohashi's house. Tamaki Miyo dug up a way with a hoe and a plow. Of course she dug it up only for in front of houses which did not participate in the group of these mobs and burnt Tamaki.
I sent a letter of the certification of contents, and I protested the university hospital of the workplace of Tamaki Syuko of the second daughter of Tamaki Miyo later. This is the technique that I wore in the fight with the Japanese Sheep which wants to become a slave by oneself and unified mentally so as to be morbid.
You must not use the words for this kind of geek. You must not use the frontal attack. Because he only get puffed up. Mild easily, and the persuasion-like manner is prohibited, too. As for me, it is realized it. Tamaki Miyo is typical of the type of Japanese Sheep.
The Japanese Sheep holds malice for a near person of the distance obstinately and inveterate. The Japanese Sheep holds groundless malice one-sidedly and carries out damp and shady violence.

contrast characteristics

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 -No.4

I left Azabu Station. I got a wrong way and went from the Roppongi area to the library. I walked more than 30 minutes. In the Azabu town, a lot of foreigners were waking and the town was in a foreign atmosphere. But there were no foreigners who clashed with each other on purpose regardless of nationality, a race, a system, sex, age. There was not the person of eyes to be like Japanese Sheep; there is.
In might pass in front of Ebisu Station, I passed a foreigner on the small sidewalk. When they watch me, they pass each other while showing posture in spite of being mutual concessions. The Kichigai like "I go and I do it and I beat you and am me!" is only Japanese Sheep who coming for with the look with eyes with strange morbid dissatisfaction.
When I sense the Japanese Sheep of this kind, I goes for spiritd "I understood him, do it. I am good. I take. I will suppress the garbage Japanese Sheep at this place.
Then the Japanese Sheep keep off me. Or he becomes modest. This is Japanese Sheep.
In Kawagoe, foreigners increase. Southern Asia system or an Iranian system, a face, the men of the color of the skin gather around the station square. There are many Korean, crowds of young people of Chinese. In the supermarket, there are a lot of people such as the Southern Asia system. I passed them many
times and watch the figure of the passerby in the small sidewalk along the restaurant. They keep it off smartly neither the sex nor the age matters. there is no guy who clash with each other consciously on purpose, and interfere with traffic, and to be amused by. They offer even the shop of the supermarket (the passage is small) to each other so that a cart and a basket do not clash with each other. there is not the person who does not draw another person near and interfere on purpose and monopolize it. I meet with the action of the kind frequently in the suburban shop, but all the people doing it are Japanese Sheep.
I do not know how about a foreigner in the own country. Because there is the problem of words in the foreign country life and get into trouble and becomes disadvantageous, there may be acting modestly. But I do not seem they "serve like a common human being" out of necessity. I seem their reaction naturally.
I realized contrast characteristics with the feces Japanese Sheep because I was many opportunities when I contacted a foreigner yesterday.
Now, 17:54.

Making of the petition for fee return

Thursday, October 6, 2011
The rain which continued to fall from the morning of yesterday stopped on the middle of the night of today. It was the day of the splendid clear autumn sky today. There was little wind, too. Temperature, the humidity are comfortable together. I went to the summary court, and I intended to do reading and the tracing of the record of my court case in the afternoon in the plan.
However, as a result, time became late, and I was not able to go. Therefore I made the petition for the return of the suit fee in the afternoon. This is because I have paid money cheated the summary court out of in the case of submission of the suit. The court of this country performs fraud for a man using judiciary proceedings unconcernedly without paying a lawyer money.
After having completed the document, I made the draft of the witness nonappearance notice which I must submit to the district court in something else suit.
Now, 19:52.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


En conséquence, je suis resté éveillé toute la nuit. Maintenant, 8:00 du matin Je suis manque de sommeil, mais je ne suis pas somnolent pour le moment et il y a la force physique, aussi.Je dois aller à la cour aujourd'hui pour soumettre une pétition pour reappeal.