Thursday, October 6, 2011

contrast characteristics

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 -No.4

I left Azabu Station. I got a wrong way and went from the Roppongi area to the library. I walked more than 30 minutes. In the Azabu town, a lot of foreigners were waking and the town was in a foreign atmosphere. But there were no foreigners who clashed with each other on purpose regardless of nationality, a race, a system, sex, age. There was not the person of eyes to be like Japanese Sheep; there is.
In might pass in front of Ebisu Station, I passed a foreigner on the small sidewalk. When they watch me, they pass each other while showing posture in spite of being mutual concessions. The Kichigai like "I go and I do it and I beat you and am me!" is only Japanese Sheep who coming for with the look with eyes with strange morbid dissatisfaction.
When I sense the Japanese Sheep of this kind, I goes for spiritd "I understood him, do it. I am good. I take. I will suppress the garbage Japanese Sheep at this place.
Then the Japanese Sheep keep off me. Or he becomes modest. This is Japanese Sheep.
In Kawagoe, foreigners increase. Southern Asia system or an Iranian system, a face, the men of the color of the skin gather around the station square. There are many Korean, crowds of young people of Chinese. In the supermarket, there are a lot of people such as the Southern Asia system. I passed them many
times and watch the figure of the passerby in the small sidewalk along the restaurant. They keep it off smartly neither the sex nor the age matters. there is no guy who clash with each other consciously on purpose, and interfere with traffic, and to be amused by. They offer even the shop of the supermarket (the passage is small) to each other so that a cart and a basket do not clash with each other. there is not the person who does not draw another person near and interfere on purpose and monopolize it. I meet with the action of the kind frequently in the suburban shop, but all the people doing it are Japanese Sheep.
I do not know how about a foreigner in the own country. Because there is the problem of words in the foreign country life and get into trouble and becomes disadvantageous, there may be acting modestly. But I do not seem they "serve like a common human being" out of necessity. I seem their reaction naturally.
I realized contrast characteristics with the feces Japanese Sheep because I was many opportunities when I contacted a foreigner yesterday.
Now, 17:54.

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