Thursday, October 6, 2011

The pull the grass riot by Yahata neighborhood association - No. 1

May 31, 2011 The pull the grass riot by Yahata neighborhood association - No. 1

The morning of Sunday of May 29, 2011 of the day before yesterday. At about 8:00, I have begun to hear the male voice of the Japanese Sheep in the Recreation Park. I was surprised then. As for me, it is realized way of rotting of the nature of the Japanese Sheep for these six or seven years. Therefore I am not surprised very much now by the action of the Japanese Sheep.
But I was surprised in the extraordinariness of the Japanese Sheep of this time. Typhoon 2 passed on that day. The weather that is very rough by a heavy rain from Okinawa to Tohoku. The Kanto district is the same, too. It continued to rain and, the Recreation Park became the pond. When it rains, because a pillar for the gate ball that Sugai Matsuomade up without permission is fixed to the center of the Recreation Park, it becomes the pond in the open spaces. A weather forecast told to be cautious of strong rain all day.
If it was this situation, it was expected the festival of the meaningless destruction action that they used the name to pull grass and every year on a day on the last day of May annual was canceled.
About the actual situation of the riot, I do not write it now here. There is not it such at the opportunity when extraordinariness of the character of the Japanese Sheep and a disease peculiar to Japanese Sheep develop clearly. I received Tajima Kiyoko and Tamaki Miyo two years ago, and the figure damage was so, too. I did "persuasion" while soothing them properly because I had already worn how to contact to the group this kind of geeks, and I called for a halt to such a malice-like violence.
But it was nearly dug up in front of my home with agricultural machinery by Tamaki Miyo just before it was destroyed last year.
I stopped the violence case just before that. I have been already considered to be a horrible state in front of Nakamura's house and Ohashi's house. Tamaki Miyo dug up a way with a hoe and a plow. Of course she dug it up only for in front of houses which did not participate in the group of these mobs and burnt Tamaki.
I sent a letter of the certification of contents, and I protested the university hospital of the workplace of Tamaki Syuko of the second daughter of Tamaki Miyo later. This is the technique that I wore in the fight with the Japanese Sheep which wants to become a slave by oneself and unified mentally so as to be morbid.
You must not use the words for this kind of geek. You must not use the frontal attack. Because he only get puffed up. Mild easily, and the persuasion-like manner is prohibited, too. As for me, it is realized it. Tamaki Miyo is typical of the type of Japanese Sheep.
The Japanese Sheep holds malice for a near person of the distance obstinately and inveterate. The Japanese Sheep holds groundless malice one-sidedly and carries out damp and shady violence.

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