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The bath and the hotel and the hospital and the school all decline "Fukushima"!

Sunday, October 9, 2011
The bath and the hotel and the hospital and the school all decline "Fukushima"!

One of the biggest characteristics is a manner to discriminate against a Japanese thoroughly in the crooked character that developed to a Japanese after the war. They discriminate a Japanese from both not only the European and American white but also Chinese and the Korean and inflict a disadvantage in every aspect. Why did special national traits develop to there? This is a big problem and cannot write it by this article.
In the recent example, it is the example which "discrimination against Fukushima" has good. In the terrible situation where a nuclear power plant exploded, this small small countries, to be particular about the administrative unit called "Fukushima" and arranging the discrimination is not what rationality. It is modern Japan monkey that there are not even judgement of that level, the intellectual power.
About a difference, they stick a negative label. It is Japan monkey to be going to get relief by removing a difference. The Japan monkey investigates the relief forever. Result, the Japan monkey remove others until it becomes the unit of not more than two or three people, and it is not possible for even greetings other than it.

"I hate the same bath of Fukushima refugee "; a refugee acceptance hotel is the cancellation.
April 22, 2011 07:00 (The point of the article)

According to Fukushima, the number of consultation sent to "the consultation teller about the radiation" of the antidisaster headquarter of the prefecture is 9,195 cases by the morning of April 18. The consultation about damage by rumors called "radioactivity discrimination" to 225.

There is the consultation such as "scribbled on a car" "restaurant, a shop and hotel declined entering" by the reason of refused citizens of Fukushima. There was the consultation that there was a poster of "the no citizens of Fukushima" in the service station of other prefectures.
In addition, there was the complaint that the citizens of "Fukushima were said to be come" when it stopped in the parking area in other prefectures on the car of the Fukushima number from a woman in 40s. It is said that there was a public visitor canceling lodging for a reason "not to want to enter the bath same as a refugee" in the hotel in Fukushima accepting a refugee.
Furthermore, plural cases which when a refugee from Fukushima is going to have an examination in the hospital in other prefectures they were said to be "the people of Fukushima prohibit" by a doctor.
By only a refugee from Fukushima, the medical institution expel them.

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