Sunday, October 9, 2011

The harassment of the Japan monkey, Japan monkey theory -No.2

Monday, June 20, 2011
The harassment of the Japanese sheep, Japanese sheep theory -No.2

 A way back. The small sidewalk. I rowed it slowly. The road side did not have a curbstone, and I stopped at the right. From facing, as for awful speed, around 25 kilos, the male aged around 40 years of the motocross bicycle appeared rushed. I thought that When he is cross-purposes state with me, he dropped speed or passed in the road side. However, by all odds the male rushed for a position at the very limit of it that hit me for an intention to surprise on purpose to hurl itself at me. And the male passed me at great speed.
This is that Japanese sheep want to do to anyone in the anonymity situation frequently. Not only a reckless driving bicycle, he give a man discomfort on purpose intentionally and confound it and can anger a man and want to be able to surprise it. In the open place, on a large road, he approach from the rear and may be overtaken side of the shoulder at great speed. I have done it by a car. The violence that Japanese sheep likes.

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