Sunday, October 9, 2011

The harassment of the Japan monkey, Japan monkey theory

Monday, June 20, 2011
The harassment of the Japanese sheep, Japanese sheep theory

At past 12:00, I leave the house and go straight on by bicycle in a prefectural road. When I rowed an uphill slope of the Yahata Bridge desperately. I rowed a corner on the right side of the sidewalk. Area of the sidewalk is enough. From facing, the old woman of the Japanese sheep of late 60s went down on foot.
I stopped at the fence side so that was not disturbed. But the Japanese sheep came in the front of me from the left of the sidewalk on purpose and blocked me and added a body to a fence and blocked up the course. I sensed it with "As always, do you do it?". This is Japanese sheep special harassment. The Japanese sheep is particular about the corner pathologically and wants to push another person in the other side. In physically, and, in security, this takes an action having no meaning. I brake it in the middle of an uphill slope and am dumfounded. The monster passed each other from reconciliation, my side.
After entering the city after this; the place where area of the sidewalk is enough for. I rowed the left sidewalk of the prefectural road. two women of around 50 generations walked the half-finished width and placed herself. I lightly rang from the rear to remind them of my existence to approach just to make sure from the rear. Even if I ring lightly favorably, the Japanese sheep scowls and interferes with traffic on purpose. There are a great many such Japanese monkeys in the suburbs. Therefore it is the abnormal situation not to be able to ring because Japanese monkeys is dangerous because I am in danger in passing it to ring.
When I rang to two women from the rear, the woman who was on the right side originally moved at the very limit of a slanted line of the road side in the reverse side with the direction that should move. It promoted attention at the same time the woman who was on another left side turned around just before that and watched me, and to stop at the left side to stop at the left to the woman who was to one's right. Then she stopped at the right side on purpose, and the woman placed herself at a white line limit. Japanese monkeys do this frequently. The Japanese cockroach turns malice, hostility in the anonymity situation in this way to anyone. When it is only rung at the bicycle; the Japanese Sheep want to do "I am great, and I do it, and I wins" only at the informal situation.

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