Friday, April 22, 2011

Silent totalitarianism

Friday, 22 April 2011

As for the TV program, in station of any place, violence of "self-restraint" rages. CM, a drama, a laughter entertainer, the variety program cannot start words to let you image "wave", "water", "shaking" . The famous tune of the enka ballad is not played, too. Open postponement was decided on the movie of the historical drama. It is the movie of the times of Hideyoshi Toyotomi of the 16th century, but does not seem to be able to show it because there is a "flooding" scene.

A sponsor and the TV company are not afraid of "victim". They are frightened by "dreadful public" assimilating into "victim" mentally.

The totalitarianism buried in Japanese depths psychology as an obsession approaches without both the substance and the object existing silently. Neither nobody's thought nor the judgment intervenes at all there. Therefore nobody can argue. Nobody can reconsider the present conditions critically. Anyone is made to follow silently.

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