Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The earthquake disaster in east Japan and the theft at a fire.

 A Korean shows the true character since this month begins. It is the character such as the theft at a fire that is remarkable for a Korean. There is abnormal tendency in Korea that became popular gathering "a contribution money" somehow from last month. In practice, most of the help from Korea is only meaningless things. Rather it lowered the Korean evaluation and only raised the bad image for the Korean of Asian people.

 In addition Korea begin to perform aggressive activity to Takeshima in sequence when Japan is pressed by earthquake disaster measures. The Korean assembly made a plan to hold a committee there at last. Takeshima is only a rock by the official opinion of the Korean government. As a result, it was called off by "weather aggravation".

 The vulgar nature of Koreans should be criticized from all over the world. However, it is Japanese Government and a Japanese to be a problem further. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Japanese Government protested formally for the time being. But the Prime Minister does not protest. the Chief Cabinet Secretary, too either. The party leader and the executive of the opposition party do not protest. the assembly, too either. The most of Japanese are indifferent to the aggression action mentioned above, too.

 Korea insisted, "Because we gave a "contribution money" to Japan, Japan should not list in a Japanese textbook about the issue of Takeshima". Show me Japanese "friendship"!. In contrast, neither the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary nor the Prime Minister nor the opposition party nor the assembly argued at all. When Korea announces the plan to build the base in the neighborhood of Takeshima on a Korean naval warship, and when announced the plan to dispatch to Takeshima either, the Japanese Prime minister does not comment a single word. Both the Prime Minister and the Chief Cabinet Secretary are completely indifferent to an own country. Will not this be a morbid phenomenon?

 When "the Japanese Government did not require the delivery of Korean Japanese Tsushima-related ancient documents to own", the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan spoke in the Diet, in reletion of the problem
 Japan give to Korea the item which Japan held the Korea-affiliated ancient documents which . Will I be believed?

 The current Japanese Government loses ability for rule. They lack for intention of the national governance before ability if we say more precisely. We are pressed for correspondence to unprecedented earthquake disaster damage at the worst time having such worst government.

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