Friday, April 22, 2011

Korea starts construction of marine base construction to the Takeshima neighborhood.

Monday, 4 April 2011

One of the top news of Yahoo! Japan of the early morning of today. Korea starting construction of marine base construction to the Takeshima neighborhood.
I was able to expect what sooner or later was taken advantage of by the neighboring country easily. Japan having become mowing ground of neighbor countries on since March 11. The Japanese couldn't but doubt an intelligence disorder of the nation level rather than a good-natured person, and having been indifferent to it. What the interest of 100 million nations becomes by a usual pattern inwardly intensively. I am strong-arm, and an American newspaper is negative while "an obsession" and the "self-restraint" system that I reported are silent but being completed instantly. This "self-restraint" system becoming the mutual suppression state that are negative in 100 million nations. It being extremely difficult getting rid of there because of the "passiveness", to deviate. Mysterious living together with the negative and strong suppression for accepting uncritically and the trifling daily act of a nameless powerless citizen for vulgar publicity stunts and the flooding of the hypocritical act as it is thought whether you went mad. Thorough anti-Japan mark of the Kan Administration. Being very busily occupied to earthquake disaster correspondence and the excessive burden on Self-Defense Forces. Leadership lack of the government which lacks in the center of the power (if I say precisely the "power" itself absence). In addition, I am institutional and am physical and am boundless when I enumerate it mentally.
In this situation, I was able to expect what a crafty neighboring country took advantage of immediately easily. A pushy action of the American United States Seventh Fleet. The provocation of the Russian air force. And the selfish demand that I start in sequence that it is said, "I say to us because I gave money and make you feel" Korean almost.
The base construction mentioned above is the part, but, in the present incompetent government as I am strange, cannot cope. This is the ending that implanted "a democratic system" in the country without the mental social base of "a democratic Politics".
This greedy challenge act by Korea certainly becomes a national serious affair, the national subject of concern for Japan, and it is with argument boiling, a criticism explosion, and should be good,; but probably "do not care" it. I have nothing to do with me. I will finish appearing. It is the territory of the own country, the correspondence about the act of aggression of the neighboring country for territorial waters, and this problem is not the situation for the individual policy problem and a problem of the opinions not a problem of the politics thought with the right wing or the left wing.
The Sankei Shimbun and the Mainichi Shimbun report the news of the base construction mentioned above, but information does not come out of the Yomiuri Shimbun. Even if the Asahi Shimbun is outrageous and looks for an article from the homepage, I cannot totally see it. I was surprised. article appeared when I searched it by a general term "Takeshima" from a search window. But, I let you think whether "it was this again". It is the article that I wrote from a Korean viewpoint so as to let you think whether you take money from the Korean government and company whether a Korean wrote it. A title of the news of the in recent times of the "Takeshima" connection and the first half of the article are displayed, but are written on the page that displayed the list of the search results in the Korean situation of the obsessive, a viewpoint so as to but think that a Korean wrote whichever. It is a usual thing, but thinks only with an abnormal newspaper.

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