Sunday, April 24, 2011

It is unusual.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It is unusual.
A member of notorious hunting friend.
They shoot it dead immediately if they see a bear.
They starve for blood and are crazy about money and a desire.

In the Japanese country of this year, much tragedy is caused by these madmen. Many bears are killed by this gun enthusiasts. Such news spreads almost every day.

The news of this morning is exceptional. Iidemachi, Yamagata prefecture. Parent and child of the bear appeared in the private house. The man of the private house reported it to the police. The bear barked at to a house dog climbed the tree of the garden and sheltered. A veterinarian came and threw the blowgun dart of the anesthetic. The bear goes down from a tree, and it is said that the bear returned to the mountain.

When it was possible if even the underdeveloped country of the conservation of nature, the barbarian national Japanese nation did it, I thought.

In the environmental developed nation, such a step is natural. If a barbarian kills a bear badly, there is the arrested country. Even if a bear strides along downtown, an expert threatens it and lets it go.

But an expert is not in Japan. Therefore a member of hunting friend who starved for blood kills a bear and gains money.

Because a veterinarian rushed this time, an innocent bear was not killed.

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