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The tyranny of the antisocial crime syndicate of the biggest in Japan.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The tyranny of the antisocial crime syndicate of the biggest in Japan.

 A member of madman hunting friend who starved for blood,
I do "reverse sharpness" in all parts of Japan. A member of hunting friend who went mad in this autumn kills a bear in each place and, in Japan, rages. They give Japanese social peace a menace. For barbarians of this anachronism, the nations of the whole country give a complaint and criticism.
On in shari town at hokkaido, October 18, 2010, parent and child (mother and a daughter) of the brown bear appeared in the town and enjoyed a walk slowly. There was no problem, but a member of hunting friend who went mad killed parent and child together suddenly for no reason. Naturally, from the whole country, criticism for the barbarian attendant rushed.

 For the later one week, an act of violence by the member of hunting friend was repeated in Asahicho, Toyama and Fukushima west Aizumachi. For them, the nations of the whole country expressed a voice of the criticism.

 For a voice of the justice by such nation, it is said that members of participation of the antique-looking brutal crime organization called "the Japan hunting friend society" resist it. Even if there is the bear in the heart of a mountain as for the member of the national organization of this brutal gunmania, it is said that the existence in itself is "a harmful animal".

It is "harmful animal" itself, and, according to the common sense of the nation, a member of hunting friend is a Japanese social enemy.

 Based on an Asiatic black bear protection management plan, it is said that Toyama requests it for a self-restraint of the hunting for a barbarian attendant. But, for this, the barbarian attendant who starved for money and blood again rebels and shouts that I "look forward to bear hunting to take meat and the bear's gall of the bear".

The member of hunting friend brings the Japanese society only harm. They are creatures such as garbage running through a tax. Though they eat a meal for the tax of the nation, they kill a bear without need and eat meat and sell the gall bladder. The food expenses and the medical cost of this barbarian attendant are paid from the tax of the nation entirely.

 A Japanese is the nation who was behind with the development of the intelligence in the field of environmental protection thought. However, there is not the person in support of the barbaric act of the member of hunting friend. The member of hunting friend is considered to be a Japanese social black sheep now.

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