Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ability for coping to an inexperienced crisis

An article of May 4 of the New York Times. The exchanges of a thing of both Japan and the United States government-to-governments which the paper obtained from Wiki leak. An official telegram of the U.S. government. The official telegram that the then Sifa stationing in Japan U.S. ambassador assigned to the Department of State in March, 2008.

About the Japanese crisis control system, it is said that he pointed out, "a manner avoiding a risk and a vertical administration system adds to the fragility to a menace".

He perceived that the ability corresponding to the situation of the lack of experience was short in the Japanese Government. I think this is a splendid prediction and a precise evaluation.

The evil of "the hierarchy" is pointed out from old days and does not reform now either. This is why a Japanese lack in ability to create the modern political organization and run this.

However, if I say more precisely, "a hierarchy" is only as to phenomenon. The essence of the problem is that a Japanese is to be tamed from the junior high school times so that they can only live the "village world" and They are impossible for both the thought and the judgment.

Even if the Japanese goes to wherever, they make a "small village". They make a narrow-minded standard in "a village" and show unsociable, exclusive group behavior.

They can not go outside "a village" on the both sides of consciousness and the action.

Therefore, as for them, an intellectual power and judgement are not developed. they abnormally develops only the means that avoid a troublesome and the ability in pursuit of the comfort and efficiency along a manual beforehand.

Ability for coping to an inexperienced crisis does not grow up into such a creature.

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