Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the bodily crash violence of a Japanese monkey

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 -No.1

A Japanese monkey is out of order. The Japanese monkey which was out of order cries, "me wins". They want to do it without they prove right, and minding situation without taking care of anyone under the anonymity.

The Japanese monkey subjectively seems to intend to do it passiveiy, modestly, negatively and accordingly is damp and shady thoroughly.

When I walk, a Japanese monkey clashes with each other on purpose from the front. I suffered damage for the bodily crash violence last Friday right after I left the wicket of the station.

They watched me and seemed to think whether the male of the Japanese monkey "might attack , this fellow" from the front yesterday. I "do not come". I sensed it when motivated and stood. After all a Japanese monkey clashed with each other.

When I get on a train, the Japanese monkey does not hit it when an elderly male visitor goes down either, but hits it in the front on purpose when I am going to appear.

The tendency to be common to the action of the Japanese monkey is the female pig which is with the male or the male which is older than me.

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