Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - No.2

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - No.2

Yesterday. The inside of electric car of the going up to Tojo line. The inside of electric car was crowded. I stood at a half-finished position. I was cautious of being poured a cough by neighboring Japanese monkeys. Anyway, the male of the Japanese monkey wants to pour a cough flourishingly.

I was going to move before a seat. When I was going to move when a train stopped, the male of a Japanese monkey in its 60s which there was aside blocked me being conscious of me on purpose. The monkey took the attitude to "strengthen guard", and the male right built the weight behind. A position to get into to move before a seat in front of a door was able to in this way block it. When I was going to get from the back of the male back, the male blocked it up frankly and interfered. When I was going to get somehow, the male strengthened health solidly and blocked it up. Of course it has no merit that a male does like that. The train stopped. The train was not full. The male merely interfered with me for an offender for pleasure on purpose. I was able to sense it immediately.

I am made to realize the actions to be taken for the Japanese monkey of such time. I practiced it. In other words, it is the logic of the power. I pushed back this male back silently and entered towards the depths. The male gave it up. This is Japan monkey. It is the anonymity situation, but, in the train, the male of the Japanese monkey does not do reverse sharpness because it is the space that is not evaded.

The Japanese monkey uses violence without taking care of anyone for passiveness silently negatively. However, at a point called damp and shady violence, this is not negative. However, I am convinced that the Japanese monkey must play a good person superficially. The Japanese monkey has such a kind of obsession. Therefore the male does not come with even if I bounce it by "power". This is the male of the Japanese monkey.

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