Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - No.3

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - No.3

A return of the shopping. I pedaled a bicycle. The bad crossing of the prospect. I stopped in a stop line at one time and went slowly. When the car does not stop in a stop line at one time on such a road, I am extreme in danger, but the car of most Japanese monkeys jumps out. The Japanese monkey stops a car after jumping out on the sidewalk. The Japanese monkey does a dangerous act by car by bicycle. The Japanese monkey does it by the truck.

The vicious intellect of the Japanese monkey was granted, and I was cautious. And after all the car of the Japanese monkey protruded just before me. Because I did not hear an engine sound of the car which protruded to me for the noise of the road of the side then, I was dangerous. I braked it. The car barely stopped, too. I scowled at a Japanese monkey. The driver was only woman alone of mid-50s.

After all the Japanese monkey always showed the same reaction. The Japanese monkey turned a face away immediately and did not make one nod. 99% of Japanese monkeys show this reaction and are going to let the place go past. I just passed in silence.

I think utterly. It is only a Japanese monkey to be out of order to here. Only in one day of this day, I passed a great many foreigners and came into contact. But each foreigner was "a common proper adult". Only the Japanese monkey is crazy about self-interest and becomes strange.

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