Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A rabbit changes suddenly to the fox

Generally, as a hereditary habit, when the Japanese monkey can not scowled for a Japanese by the front, they stares at baggage that a Japanese have or their foot while doing disgusting eyes in looking askance at. The character of the Japanese monkey is extremely coward and childish. But they have morbid dampishness and persistence at the same time.
 Objects of the harassment-like violence of the Japanese monkey are always turned only to "the Japanese middle-aged man".
 Under the anonymity situation, the most of the Japanese monkey annoying for a slasher for a Japanese are age more than late 60s. Their characteristic is unemployment, low educational background and is a person finishing the life virtually. They are the creatures which finished the life just to have hung from the most base layer of the Japanese monkey village. Therefore they store up negative feelings such as abstract inferiority complex, dissatisfaction, hostility for the society, the unhealthy jealousy. They cannot defend their poor self except that they show hostility for "the Japanese of the hateful middle-age man" while just waiting for death.
The Japanese monkey strongly has a desire to want to despise another person. They are aimed for the violent harassment based on the morbid desire.
However, even Japan monkey knows that they can not scowls at another person or stare with indecent eyes in any situation. When people do such a morbid harassment all day in a city, one's nerve will be tired, and troubles will be frequent again. On the other hand, the name or address of the assailant is more likely to be identified easily if Japanese monkey perform such a harassment in the country.
 When the situation that can be convinced of maintenance of the anonymity is given in the area that population density lacks moderately, the Japanese monkey does the true character openly. A rabbit changes suddenly to the fox such as the cockroach.
 Sakado city becomes the most convenient local situation now so that Japanese monkey does the true character openly .

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