Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The typical harassment by the typical cockroach

On January 16, 2015 , it is Friday .

 Today, I received the typical harassment by the typical cockroach which lived in Sakado city.
 When I walked towards the south side , the male of the cockroach of mid- 70s walked from facing . The man faced me while staring at carry which I pulled with the eyes that seemed to be indecent. I stopped and saw the male face .When I glared back for a male because the male scowled at me, the male turned its face away immediately and left.
 In some points of the nourishment university , a monster of late 60s walked from facing. The monster went while scowling at me, too. I stopped and scowled at a monster. When the monster looked at my face , I scowled at me. The monster turned face away immediately and left when glared back by me .
 When I ran through Nakamichi park, a monster of the 70 years old first half walked from facing. The monster scowled at me and approached me.The monster faced me while scowling at my face with extremely indecent eyes.I was resolute and glared back for a monster . Then the monster missed the eyes . However , it seemed to be regrettable that the monster was glared back at by me who was " a Japanese middle-aged man " . The monster did an indecent wide eyes errand unnaturally and stared at carry which I pulled. The monster walked while turning the indecent eyes to my step and left.

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