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Japanese helping the barbarity of the Islamic nation indirectly

February 2, 2015
Japanese helping the barbarity of the Islamic nation indirectly

About beheading of Japanese freelance journalist who executed by an Islamic nation member, the Japanese behavior about this case expresses character and nature of Japanese people very well. This is a Japanese typical reaction.
One remarkably has low verbal ability. they do not be developed the skill of expression by the words that are suitable for age.
Second, they lack the ability to send " a will " of the self to for a human being of " the outside ". And they are able to express only subjective feelings and emotions of the self in regard to the case that occurred practically.
Third, Japanese special obsessive-compulsive neurosis is expressed indirectly euphemistically. They have the special character that they can not live for for uneasiness and fear if they do not always help an assailant and a deviation doer.

Let's enumerate phenomena to express three character mentioned above .
About Beheading of Yukawa by the Islamic nation, the European and American news reported sympathetic.
On the other hand , in Japan , it was cleared up for a self-responsibility theory and was had " a past event " in two or three days .
Before the journalist was beheaded, his mother and his wife
requested courteously for criminal group in interview and a statement.
After the journalist was beheaded, each comment of his mother, his wife and his uncle is the expression of feelings to go up naturally , " I am sad , and I am all sorry ."
Their comment gave an impression as if he died by an inevitable accident or natural disaster.
It surprised a Korean and a Chinese that father of Yukawa apologized to " Seken " about killing of his son.
The kind of the TV talent appears on television taking the opportunity in the situation. They called themselves " a friend of Goto " while crying and sells their face and the name. but the comment of fool talent and self-styled journalists only expresses in all spontaneous feelings, too.
If this murder case occurs in Japan and a criminal is a Japanese, they curse a criminal and the family badly equally and will bully lynch them.
Soon after beheading of the journalist, the Chief Cabinet Secretary held an urgent press conference. He
He stated " I strongly criticize it" " I cannot help anger " " I held a meeting and want to cope well " as a perfect deadpan. He has returned in only approximately one minute .
When a terrorist behead citizen, is people forbid to have " anger ? " That he cope well is ordinary though. It is necessary to express it concretely.
However , a Japanese lacks ability to perform such a verbalization . The Chief Cabinet Secretary gave us the impression like "  it was good to be over " " rolled up in an uproar ". We got used to this strange manner .
In the interview after beheading of the journalist, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he felt "very sorry for this matter" "The government has tried its best to deal with this matter, but we are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism and we denounce it in the strongest terms," "To the terrorists, we would never, never forgive them for this act.". His comment also only expressed his feelings and are not accompanied by concrete his will.
In contrast , after the Yukawa killing ,each comment of President Obama, the British prime minister, the German prime minister, and French President spoke the resolute criticism for a common " enemy " by precise expression . In addition , after beheading of Goto, President Obama condemned normatively and objectively "barbaric act" "the heinous murder" and express condolence "Goto courageously sought to convey the plight of the Syrian people" in a written statement.
Each phenomenon mentioned above is the same as a phenomenon repeated in past innumerable examples .
As for me , a hopeless difference of the verbal ability between Westerners and the Japanese was realized this time .

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