Saturday, January 3, 2009

The clerk was the worst though I had gone to the used car dealership.

The clerk was the worst though I had gone to the used car dealership.

January 3, 2009
I went out of the house by bicycle, and went to the used car dealership away from home by 20 kilometers or more in the morning. Because the wind was strong, it was painful that I pedaled the bicycle.

I spent about three hours after it went out of home and arrived at the used car dealership that was the destination. I learnt this shop on the used car retrieval site in the Internet. However, it to was narrower than the imagination, and how to exhibit the car packing of Gug. Above all, the clerk was not good.

The clerk loudly talked to me from the position where my back parted without doing by one the greeting. Clerk's appearance was a villain face of the crime syndicate style, and the attitude was also bad. I was able to judge, "No goodness" easily. In that sense, this clerk may be comprehensible.

I went out of the shop at once. I spent about three hours with the bicycle and went to this shop on the day where the cold wind at the midwinter blew. However, it ended meaningless. I learnt that information especially obtained on the Internet for the used car dealership was unreliable again.

I sometimes visited some the used car dealership last month. I understood that it was important to choose the shop carefully. It should search for the shop that can trust it. However, I was felt that this was very difficult this time, too strongly.

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