Sunday, May 31, 2009

The pruning of the silverberry, the collection of a stinking noxious weed, a spiderwort and the leaf of the onion.

Sunday, May 17, 2009
 I held a stepladder for the room out and pruned the silverberry. The fragrant olive and the silverberry should have pruned it at the beginning of March from February. However, I was not made cold in it.
 I want to transplant the tree of a kumquat planted under silverberry in the sunny place. But it is already late this year.
 A lot of flowers bloomed to the branch of the silverberry this year in spring. However, the fruit did not arrive. The silverberry does not gain fruit very much unless I scatter gibberellin.
 I gathered a stinking noxious weed and a spiderwort from the shrubbery of the garden in the afternoon. I fried it with the other vegetables such as an eggplant or the burdock and ate.
 I gathered the leaf of the onion which I cultivated under the window of the bathroom at the daytime of last Tuesday. I tore it off finely and I mixed it with fermented soybeans and ate.

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